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01/17/2005 CKIQ Raven Rock - Iqaluit, Nunavut

12/02/2004 Deaconlight Radio: A Trip Through College Radio in the 70's and 80's

11/22/2004 Celebrating The Modern World's Fourth Anniversary With A New Look

11/13/2004 John Peel: 1939-2004

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05/23/2002 The Spirit Of Radio Recollected

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05/04/2002 Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998

05/02/2002 Mute Records : A Superb Pioneer of the Industry

04/19/2002 Finding The 'New' In New Wave: New Wave Complex

04/05/2002 New Zealand rock from Split Enz to The Chills

03/29/2002 Hsker D : The old and the new

03/06/2002 A few not-so-well-known LP's

03/01/2002 Album Feature #6 : Pretenders' first LP from 1980

02/14/2002 Album Feature #4 : Replacements' Pleased To Meet Me

02/07/2002 Album Feature #3 : Elvis Costello & The Attractions' This Year's Model

02/01/2002 Album feature #2 : Talking Heads' Remain In Light

01/28/2002 Website changes will happen

01/24/2002 Album Feature #1: The Clash's The Clash

01/14/2002 Web Site of the Week: The Web Meets the Memphis Ants

01/07/2002 Stuart Adamson : 1958-2001

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11/14/2001 I gave into temptation and will run another "theme" show this Friday.

11/12/2001 Loopiness and fever make a good combination, eh?

11/06/2001 Record Label du Jour

11/05/2001 Happy Birthday to The Modern World (as I say to myself and realize that one year is not so long after all)!

11/01/2001 Random Record of the Day

10/31/2001 Hallowe'en Picks for Film Excellence (and Blood-Sucking Antics):

10/30/2001 Random Record of the Day

10/24/2001 The Misfits will be releasing an LP on Hallowe'en (Surprise! Surprise!).

10/23/2001 A nice addition to the collection of New Wave sites includes New Wave Outpost.




10/17/2001 October is the Modern-World-designated GOTH month.