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About The Modern World
(and a little history of the host)

The Show

Music has been the biggest part of my life. As a wee lad, I bought records using snow-shovelling funds (you might notice that I was not raised in Memphis).

I have worked at stations in the past fifteen years in the following formats: country, old country, top 40, adult Top 40, Modern Rock, College Rock, and Adult Contemporary. This made my musical desires a bit off-kilter. For more information, visit the resumé page.

To alleviate all confusion, I started a show in 1994 on WUTK Knoxville with what I wanted to hear. It featured the popular side of college radio from the 80's. Artists like New Order, Simple Minds, and Dead Kennedys were often the biggest requests on the show. The big surprise was that there were others who liked to listen to the show.

Enough about me...about the music:

The current show, The Modern World, began during the week of Thanksgiving 2000 on Volunteer Radio WEVL Memphis.

The Modern World airs on WEVL every Friday morning at 6.

The music on the show features a variety of punk or new wave (aka "alternative rock") artists. Some titles are familiar (albeit rarely heard in the past few years). Some are not.

Examples include a wide range of artists like The Smiths, The Weirdos, Ramones, Grace Jones, and even Throbbing Gristle(!). The tunes include B-sides, popular hits in other countries, dance mixes, LP tracks, and even the so-called "hits".

Besides, Friday mornings are always good to sit back and get somewhat nostalgic.

Favorite Way To Play The Music

Vinyl on the nice turntables! The LP collection got too big for me to replace them with CD's. Don't know why I enjoy cueing records vs. clicking on CD drives. Possibly because it is one of the few remaining stations in the US NOT to use pre-programmed computer editing (including the voice breaks). Yes, LIVE radio is still the best radio.

However, there are many great CD releases sonically too good to pass up. Airplay is often split 70%/30% vinyl vs. CD.

The Site

Honestly, my mind is always set in database mode. Every title heard on The Modern World is stuffed into a mySQL database and applied through the PHP language. Coincidentally, my work background involves database marketing.

Most of my rewarding accomplishments are those that are done as a volunteer. WEVL and WUTK have been two of the most exceptional stations for those goals. Thanks to all who are making this possible. That includes you!

If you have any questions or advice about creating and organizing databases feel free to ask me a question by .

Thanks goes to:

  • Ron, who hosted a great show called "One Chord Wonders".
  • John and former co-host Norm, the hosts of Monday morning's "Welcome To The Working Week", the first show I have heard in Memphis that is worth the muster
  • Janet, who also got me a "real" job and makes Wednesday morning radio much better.
  • Dan and Gary, a creator and an "actor" of Pookie and Pals, the comic soon to be the planet's newest hit (which planet, I am not sure).
  • Lesley, for listening to every note played and still keeping my sanity in check.
  • MOST OF ALL, everybody who wakes up early enough on Friday mornings to listen!

I love to hear about favorite artists from this era. Let me know by


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