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Mini-Resume For My Radio Career

This list is only for curiosity sake. I am currently a database developer and this will be the paid gig for quite a while. Somehow, I am having more fun on the radio when NOT getting paid. Seems so odd. Maybe I could add the occasional radio story to each item to break any formality.

All stations are in Tennessee.

WEVL FM 89.9

2000-present: The Modern World, Siren's Muse, The Tuesday Morning Show, and many other shows as a substitute. Ongoing and still happy being a volunteer there.

WMYU FM Knoxville 102.1

1991-1995: On air at various times, many good memories of the station. Was called "U-102." Its Boomsday fireworks celebration during Labor Day was the big thing. Station eventually became "MY-102" (I don't think they ever played Black Flag's "Gimme Gimme Gimme" as their theme song either). This station flipped frequencies recently with 93.1

WWST FM Knoxville (Star 93.1)

1994: Can brag about being the first DJ on the station when it changed formats. Changed for the better?? Entirely debatable. It was the first taste of playing the same 8 songs every 70 minutes. This station flipped frequencies recently with 102.1

WUTK FM Knoxville 90.3 (New Rock 90)

1990-1994: Ahh. The perks of being Music Director. If I'd do it again, I would enjoy it more and be more free-spirited. It was the one time in my life I had authority in the workplace. Learned a lot. But hey, that's what we were there for. Special thanks to Benny Smith and Jim Schwan, radio comrades.

Station is now known as "The Torch."

WHNK AM Madison 1430

1990: Sister station to WRLT. I believe this station went dormant in the early 90's. The studio was in Brentwood (south of Nashville) while the transmitter was north of Nashville. With its low AM wattage, the station often faded out around the studio building.

WRLT FM Nashville (Radio Lightning)

1990: First exposure to the best music at the time. Lee Stevens, Program Director at the time had a big influence on my programming habits. The station still exists in some form at the time of this writing (2005-01-07) but is now called "Lightning 100" which happened to be taboo to say in the past as Lee thought it sounded too much like a racing event. He was right.

WAKM AM 950 Franklin

1987: Received my FCC License before you had to shell $35 for the piece of paper. The station has the most character of any station I have ever seen and hope it continues that way. It was (and probably is) a daytime broadcast at 1 kW of power. Claim to fame: Parts of Coal Miner's Daughter filmed there. The building and transmitter were also affected by the 1988 Christmas Eve tornado. After reconstruction, the station is STILL in its same location in a small house on Mallory Station Road. It can be found just west of that massive shopping area off Moores Lane and I-65. I still have memories of driving through a field off Moores Lane in order to get there.

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