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Music Links

New Wave Music

Take a break from your favorite musical genre every once in a while. Sit down and actually listen to some of the music you have never heard or haven't heard in a while.

The Jazz Shelf is another record review site yet is from the perspective of the musician. An extra few sections including the Rock Pages and Essays are nice additions for reading on your spare time (you have spare time, don't you?).

Bonus: No Google ads or (not-so)true.com pictures inundate the site. Ad-free sites are becoming the exception to the norm.

(Updated 07/15/2006)

New Wave Outpost - a new wave music website

I have mentioned the New Wave Outpost website more often on The Modern World than any other website because a community of new wave fans use this site many times each month (or, in some cases, daily). There is a forum section for trivia, inquiries, and general chat about music. Another excellent section includes the Song of the Week which features the relatively obscure tracks that might not ever appear on compact disc.

New Wave Outpost is hosted by Mike Paulsen. A plethora of information on the New Wave genre is available here. The best part about the site is the updates of compact disc availabilities for New Wave tunes.

Click to visit the website: New Wave Outpost.

(Updated 09/01/2005)

Modern Rocklists - Finding out what topped the new wave charts on popular s

Radio stations in the 80's often published or broadcasted their year-end lists and all-time lists. Modern Rock stations included many favorites that appear on The Modern World radio show. Modern Rocklists includes an archive of many of these charts. The best thing about this site is that it collects not only radio but Internet and recent all-time New Wave lists. The site includes addition information on many stations still in existence yet continue to play good music. Go to rocklists.com whenever you need that 80's music inspiration.

(Updated 04/07/2005)
Highway Home Music

Many of the categories on Highway Home include 80's-related clubs, artists, and radio sites. Includes more links to record shops.

Updated: August 1, 2004

All About 80's Music

Dawn Marie hosts this site and manages to fill it with a plethora of music from all genres that existed in the 80's. It's always good to see people with this much passion for the music.

Updated: November 16, 2001

The Finest In Radio

The formats of my choices are likely to be eclectic.

WKHR 91.5 FM in Cleveland plays big band and pop standards.

Cleveland is lucky to have the best big band station in the country. It is another fine listener supported (ie. no advertising) radio station that has an online stream. FM 91.5 WKHR features music primarily from the 30's and 40's. Most of the DJ's are volunteering for 1-3 hours per week.

91.5 FM's playlist includes music by Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Duke Ellington, and just about any record that charted before 1954.

(Updated 06/01/2007)

BBC Radio 6 - Closer to the Music That Matters

The Modern World Top 100 Artists list has more British artists than any other nationality. Therefore, it should be appropriate that I include at least one favourite (yeah, even Canadians add an extra "u" to some words) station should be on my list. BBC 6 Music has the definitive mix for the ageing music fan like myself. New rock is placed comfortably between the best rock from decades past including David Bowie, The Jam, and XTC.

NOTE: Currently, the music-star dj's include Tom Robinson ("2-4-6-8 Motorway"), Brinsley Ford (Aswad), and Bruce Dickinson (yeah, I know, Iron Maiden). Go to BBC6 Radio homepage. (Updated 04/15/2006)

CKIQ Raven Rock Iqaluit, NU

Where? Just grab a map and look north. Iqaluit (pronounced 'ih-KAH-loo-it'), Nunavut is mainly accessible by plane. Within the city limits lies a station with an excellent sound. CKIQ (aka Raven Rock) has the finest variety for any commercial station in North America. Fortunately, it can be heard online.

Rarely have I heard Glen Campbell, Rush, and Captain Sensible mixed with today's top 40 within the same hour and not hear an aural trainwreck. There are old and new hits that I have never heard and enjoy.

CKIQ is programmed by two DJ's during the weekday mornings and afternoons and a few hours during the weekend. This is a great addition to the very few commercial radio stations that made efforts to be interesting. It is also a good lesson to what popular radio should be.

(Updated 01/17/2005)

Deaconlight Radio Show from Wake Forest University

The best history of college radio from a personal account on the web is at deaconlight.com. The site features a history of Wake Forest University's radio station WFDD as well as many playlists from the Deaconlight radio show. The playlists include many tracks that appear on the Modern World. Deaconlight show has been resurrected on WAKE Radio, another station at Wake Forest University.

The site is continually updated. Look for the audio links for an amusing trek to college radio from years past.

(Updated 12/02/2004)

WEVL 89.9 Memphis, Tennessee

WEVL serves the Memphis area with an eclectic mix of the finest music. 2001 was the station's 25th anniversary. The next 25 years for WEVL will be just as exciting.

WORT 89.9 Madison, Wisconsin

WORT serves the south-central part of its state. The station features almost every musical genre under the sun. This is one of the few listener-supported stations operating 24/7.

KRCL Salt Lake City, Utah

Some of my family reside in Park City, Utah. KRCL broadcasts out of Salt Lake City and has repeaters in Park City and Moab, Utah. The station's late-night lineup features techno, rap, rock, and, according to one show's description, Aural Decay.

WOXY 97X Oxford/Cincinnati, Ohio

As of May 2004, WOXY has ceased to broadcast in the Cincinatti area as the radio signal was sold. It is now a web-based station that plays the same format as its old terrestrial station did.

WOXY was always the station in the Cincinnati market to play what any other commercial station doesn't.

Record Shopping (Mainly Vinyl)

Vinyl is still the best format for listening to the music of the 70's and 80's. Coincidentally, sales on the record peaked in the middle of this time period.
In the weeks to come, I will be adding information about the best record dealers that dedicate a good percentage of inventory to New Wave, Punk, and Post-Punk.

Goner Records

Each record store in Memphis has its own identity and a different selection of vinyl. Goner's online presence is continually beefed up with new and used releases and a focus on the best rock bands Memphis has to offer. If you happen to be in Memphis, drop by Goner Records which is located in the trendy Cooper-Young district.

Accessed: June 17, 2004

Fun Records

Many records have been purchased from this location by yours truly. A recent change to the site has made the interface much more convenient. The selection is massive and they also keep the inventory up-to-date. For the added convenience, you may download the entire database in Microsoft Access 97 format and filter the items during the late-night hours. Highly recommended.

Updated: March 11, 2002

Record Breakers

Possibly the cheapest prices available on the net for very good condition records. Located outside Chicago, Record Breakers has a great selection of New Wave on vinyl.

Accessed: November 14, 2001

Record X

Cateogories include : CD, video, vinyl, and software. An easy-to-browse site, Record X specializes in USED media. The sites usability is above average. I often check the "new in this week" section in the new vinyl section. There is a great selection of New Wave.

Accessed: November 5, 2001

Shangri-La Records

Memphis record store with a good selection and great prices. They feature many Memphis artists that are hard to find outside this part of the country (people 'round these parts call it "the mid-south"). The selection also includes the new indie vinyl that seem so endearing next to the old records.

Accessed: October 18, 2002

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